Co Founders & Co Creators

Gagan Kaur Thukral

A graduate in Home science Gagan Kaur Thukral always had a love for teaching. This motivated her to do a diploma in Montessori teacher training in. Subsequently she worked with Amity International School and Amiown Preschool, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi for a decade as a nursery teacher. She counseled many parents during her tenure and also helped them understand their role in bringing up children with love and care.

A life changing event

A serious health condition of her Husband for which he was hospitalized made slow down her work pace. Completely against modern medicine she did'nt appreciate so many medicines being administered to her husband. A meeting with an Acutherapy specialist from Allahabad in March 2016 for her husband’s health condition made her look at health care in a different perspective. Her husband got completely cured with this natural healing science and his medicine dosage was cut down by 75%! Thereafter when she saw more people being completely cured with this treatment she then started assisting Acutherapists from Allahabad for Magnet Acutherapy, the natural healing treatment.

In February 2017 she opened her training and treatment centre and also completed her certificate and advanced diploma courses of Acutherapy. Her counselling to patients helped them stay connected to this science for treatment and Her passion for teaching motivated her to design special workshops on Acutherapy which are extensive and detailed and help the learners to heal themselves using the simple treatment methods.

Sandeep Singh Thukral

A prolific reader of self-help books Sandeep singh Thukral was always drawn towards helping others in all possible ways. He forte is marketing financial products of real estate. His interest in past life karmas by Dr Brian Weiss always kept him glued to his books and searched for answers. A chance an encounter in Chandigarh with Mrs Bhanot, mother of Neerja Bhanot (the air hostess who died saving people) made him reiterate his belief in karmic connections and look at life from a different angle. He read the book “Laws of the spiritual World by Khursed Bhavnagri and distributed free about 100 copies. Wanting to evolve himself to the next level he joined as director in SIGFA is the company owned by Dr. Chandrashekhar, the founder of the healing science Psycho neurobics. He helped many people join this program for getting health benefits..

As destiny would have it, a non curable bronchial attack made Sandeep look for alternate cure options which he found in magnet Acutherapy, the natural healing science. Sandeep got cured in 3 days and his life changed after that forever. He got so much benefitted that he and his wife opened the centre CareHeal Humanity Institute which is into training and treatment by Acutherapy.