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27th Febrauary 2021

I have known Gagan Ma’am for a long time and knew that she was practicing acupressure but it was only in 2020 that I was able to attend one of her online short term courses on Ayurvedic Acupressure. And I was hooked! I went on to complete my CAHS (Certificate in Acupressure Healing Science) and now am pursuing DAHS (Diploma in Acupressure Healing Science) as well.

My journey with Careheal Humanity Institute has been an enlightening and enriching experience so far. Nisha Ma’am and Gagan Ma’am make the classes interactive and fun. They are approachable, friendly and always encourage us to ask questions. Therefore, the online classes were wonderful and I didn’t feel discouraged that we were not having offline classes due to the pandemic.

I also started taking Acutherapy treatment from July onwards for some health issues I am having and for which I am already taking Ayurvedic treatment. Acupressure is helping my recovery process very nicely. I diligently put the points and give regular feedbacks based on which they change the treatment protocol as required. Gagan Ma’am and Nisha Ma’am are always helpful and listen to my problems with patience and give valuable insight. I am happy to say that my health condition is steadily improving and I positively feel that I will be completely healed with continued care.

Nowadays, people end up ignoring their health due to various reasons at both work and home. It is crucial that we make our health our top priority and the key to healing ourselves is to continue our treatment properly and to keep a positive outlook. Knowing that there is an alternative method to heal myself has given me a lot of mental strength as I do not panic as much as I used to when there are difficult situations regarding my health or that of a family member. Now, my first instinct is to see which acupressure point might help in that specific situation and consult Gagan Ma’am or Nisha Ma’am.

Thank you Gagan Ma’am and Nisha Ma’am for your unwavering support and encouragement. I am glad that I embarked on this journey.

– Prabha S
17th May 2020

I am Rajeev Kumar completed basic one week online course of Ayurvedic Accupressure from Careheal Humanity Delhi. Honestly saying I have never seen teachers like Gagan and Nisha mam who gave their best knowledge in such a short time. I learnt and applied on my self for my ear pain and results were immediate. I have trust now in this therapy. I would like to learn full detailed course now.

Thanks again teachers for empowering us for this healing method. All the best and thanks.

Rajeev Kumar, Gurgaon

18th May 2020

Learnt a new way of healing and a lot about our body which would have got unnoticed otherwise.

Felt the course was meant for 8-9 days.
Would have loved to know a little bit of it’s history/ origin.
Before going in for Advanced course would like to repeat this or similar type of course later some time.
Thanks Nisha and Gaganji GREAT WORK!

Alka Sogani, New Delhi

Acupressure – A great new world we have entered in. Thankyou careheal humanity institute for this great opportunity. It was a very productive week for us, gained a lot, we have got into the process of getting to know our mind and body now, which is something really great and unexpected for me. Ma’am You have done the job perfectly and it’s our duty now to make you feel proud by applying what you have taught us. Will get back to you with our own treatment results and then will be ready for the level 2 classes.

thankyou Gagan ma’am n Nisha ma’am.

S.Kailash Chennai
contact number 8754961124
Student, careheal humanity.

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