Did you ever think that we can use fenugreek seeds not only to have lustrous hair but also to treat diseases like Arthritis, diabetes, thyroid etc? Dry peas or Matar dana that we use to make mouthwatering matar kulcha can help you to get rid of pains too? Rajma which is also called kidney beans can not only be used to make delicious Rajma to be eaten with rice, but can also help to help heal various diseases of Kidney. Yes, this is possible!

Before throwing some more light on the wonders of seed therapy, lets understand what is acupressure.

Acupressure is an ancient science of healing and deals with the energy system of human body. This body of ours, is composed of similar elements & energies as present in nature or cosmos. In our everyday lives just as we see changes in weather, temperature etc, similar changes happen in human body. As the wind blows in nature and provides movement and growth to all things, this wind with its attribute of movement creates movements of all kinds in the wonderful human body.

A human being if living or dead is known to us by the pulse beats, the breathing, some kind of movements in the body. What is this force behind all such activities? It is the energy system or ‘bio energy’.

Now the term Acupressure means acu+ pressure. Acu means needle like and pressure means force. This smallest amount of pressure on a place (called acu point) in human body, brings about the healing effect. Thus, it can be said that Acupressure works on the concept of energy.

When pressure is applied by hand, acu tool, magnet, colour or seed, the patient instantly feels some changes in body. On this slight stimulation, the energy status is affected.

Now let’s dive into the world of seed therapy. The various seeds like Moong (green gram), Methi (fenugreek), Rajma (kidney beans), sookha Matar (dry peas), Kali Mirch (black pepper), chana (chick peas) are being used by many acupressure therapists all over India and world to treat diseases.

How does this work? A seed has the power to create life. Within a small seed lies a plant, shrub, hedge or tree. This means seeds have life! Keeping this in mind, when we put a seed on the pressure points, it gives us the life and takes away the disease!

Acupressure is an excellent method of healing and There is probably no better method in natural therapies to deal with all types of health issues. It is a gift from the divine that we can heal ourselves by applying pressure with humble seeds on our hands and feet as the entire human body can be easily plotted on our Palms and feet that means there is similarity between our body and our palms. Also, the invisible meridians in which the energy flows have specific points on hands and feet and seeds give the appropriate balance and the diseases are automatically healed. For example, if we tie methi strip (made using fenugreek seeds sticking on paper tape) on both middle fingers on middle joints it will help alleviate knee pain! Or if we apply the matar strips on any thumb at the backside it will help in treating cervical. (Visit our you tube channel for the video how to make and use matar/methi strip)  

Method – first find out the painful point by applying pressure by jimmi or probe (acu tools). Thereafter apply the seeds of fenugreek (methi) or gram or peas on those sites. If the painful area/zone is smaller, apply smaller size seeds (methi etc.) and if larger then use bigger size seeds (gram or chick pea etc.) Stick these seeds by using paper tape and keep it for 8-10 hours preferably at night.

This is known as treatment by seeds or Seed Acutherapy Treatment. The effect of different types of seeds (based on their shape, size color etc.) is different in treatment. This shall result in a healthy life pattern that is phenomenon of a balanced body, mind, soul & sprit will be established.

It is the safest therapy with no side effect and can be used by all. It is noninvasive and self-doable. At our institute we advised and still advise our patients and students to sow the used methi seeds in pots of soil. A few days of nurturing and watering brings out the methi leaves ready to be consumed! How amazing is mother nature as a healer!

Come and experience the wonders and learn the magic of Seed Acutherapy Treatment at CareHeal Humanity Institute!!