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27th February 2021

“I was really surprised to know that a tiny methi seed can heal a major problem of ou bpdy, and yes..it happened.

I just want to share my own experience with everyone that I had lump o my right neck and by the treatment of this methi strip which was provided by Gagan Ma’am. It has really gone by 80% and there is no pain at all.”

– Mrs Sohini Gupta

Eyesight restored

“I was only 14 years old when I started finding difficulty in seeing blackboard and television clearly. I and my family were worried about this. After 6 months, I started using the spectacles with concave lenses of power – 1.0 as per the advice of eye specialist. After 9-10 months, the eye specialist suggested me to use the concave lenses of power – 1.75 & – 2.0. He also suggested me an expensive eye drop solution. I also thought of lasers and contact lenses & other techniques. But rejected those useless ideas when heard and studied of their side-effects.

Finally, I thought of trying the magneto Acupressure therapy which gave me up to 70–80% results. Now I do not need to wear spectacles even while watching television. I am really thankful to the God-gifted, natural and successful therapy which has treated many of the sufferers.”

– Jyotsna Makkar

Roop Nagar Colony
Hansi (125033)

Heart rate better than the best

“I had never been to a hospital except for visiting some ailing relatives or friends. On the 7th of March 2016, I experienced pain in my angina and had to undergo an angioplasty. As a result, I had to be cautious and had to take many medicines. Then I decided to undergo magneto acupressure therapy because earlier in January this year I had been cured of a severe bronchial cough through this therapy. I consistently followed the advice and treatment of my therapist and passed the stress test in the month of August with amazing results which showed that the heart strength and heart rate were exceptionally good.

I thank God, Dr. Rizvi and this wondeful natural healing science for the miraculous cure.”

– Sandeep Singh

New Delhi (110068)

Leading a normal life again

Since 1995 I had been suffering from spondylitis for the past 20 years. I was not able to do simple things like getting up from the bed, going to the toilet, or even walking became impossible without painkillers. I used to get iritic attacks in my eyes and almost went blind from one eye in 2014. All these years the ONLY treatment all the Doctors gave me was pain killers on daily basis.

I consulted many doctors in more than 3 countries. I was finally diagnosed in Australia in 2007, but they had no way to treat this condition. Homeopathy, allopathic, and acupuncture weren’t helpful at all. I even tried lots of different diets and exercise but nothing was of much help. I was filling my stomach with strong chemicals in form of medicines.

The first day I went to a specialist therapist Dr. Shahroze Rizvi was on 25th June 2016 and was asked to wear some 6 magnets on my fingers, my inner self thought how someone can treat me with simple small magnets on my hands. (Being an Engineer I used to challenge almost everything which sounded against science) however with 7 days when I had NO Pain and that too without taking even a simple painkiller I was amazed. At that stage I thought it will be just for a day or so and my killer ailment will again return. Now after 2 months or so, I can proudly say that I never had a single day in last 20 years like I had since I went in for this therapy and life seems truly LIFE again.

Thanks to Acutherapy for changing my life.”

– Shailly Virk


Multiple Sclerosis cured

“In March 2010 I felt numbness in my foot which gradually increased and was felt in full leg. I didn’t pay that much attention and tried some acupressure and neglected the same. Thereafter, in June 2010 I felt while working in office that I was not able to see properly at the monitor. I checked with the local optician, and he said there is some problem with my eye power. Then I ended up meeting Dr. Satya Karna at Shroff eye centre. He suggested MRI brain and certain other tests to check the problem. That time it was diagnosed that the optic nerve is affected and its neuritis. MRI also gave a hint report of Multiple sclerosis. I was treated with steroids 1gm per day for 5 days. My vision became better after sometime and I was living a normal life thinking that the problem is over.

But later in Jan’2011 and again in March 2014 I again felt the numbness and acute pain in my leg and hands and upper lip area. This time the dosage of steroids was more. I took medicines for 2 months approx. and was absolutely fine after that. But my left leg was never normal. I started with Homeopathy medicine. However, that didn’t provide me the relief. Then with the suggestion of my Uncle I met Dr. Rizvi on May 3, 2014 and started the treatment. The pain and numbness in leg was reduced substantially within 10-15 days. Eye sight also starting improving and within a span of less than 2 months, I was pretty normal. This was a miracle for me. Since then I am in continuous touch with him and applying the magnets regularly. Now I am leading a normal life and there is no numbness in my leg. Eye sight has also improved and health has also improved a lot.

I have no words to thank him and saving my life and giving a healthy way of living.”

– Jasmeet Kaur Kohli

Ramprastha, Ghaziabad

MS patient’s testimonial*… Shared with us on *9th May 2019

(Request you to please maintain privacy and not display my name and other contact details )

I am a patient of Multiple Sclerosis* from the year 2005. I *had immense problems after the onset of the chronic disease -exhaustion, walking difficulties, imbalance, blackouts, dizziness, extreme pain in arms and legs, stiffness in my extremities, inconvenience of the bladder* to name a few.

Was admitted to the hospital* and *put on steroids* to counter the situation. Got immediate relief but* had to deal *with a lot of side effects of the medicine.

The relief was short termed and *after 10 months the disease relapsed and was with more serious consequences.* This continued for many years until A friend of mine who also has MS suggested magnetic acupressure therapy which visibly reduced her symptoms of MS. I too started the treatment In December 2017 and noticed sharp reduction of pain in my limbs, improvement in stiffness and ataxia. On continuation of the therapy my gait, balance, bladder and bowel control and energy levels were improved significantly and I was able to walk short distances.

I am still in touch with Dr. Rizvi and Mrs Gagan Kaur Thukral to manage the MS symptoms efficiently and improve my state of health.

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